Build the tech for Your Online Business

...without pulling your hair even if you're a non-technical person

Are you an online entrepreneur?

And you want to set up your website, professional email and simple funnel to collect email addresses; but are not sure how?

Here's how you can get started

Step 1

Join the OBME community

Connect with other online entrepreneurs, learn together, and grow together.

Step 2

Watch the free training

Learn how to build your website and start growing your business with this FREE guide and training.

Step 3

Book your strategy call

Let's map out your business strategy, and see if we are a good fit to work together in my program right now.

Hi, I'm Prathamesh

Ridiculously easy process.
Minimum viable yet fully functional...

This is the kind of gold you get around here.

I so simplify setting up an online business that it feels ridiculously easy.

Even if you’re someone

- who hates tech

- new to tech


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