WordPress for Everyone: Develop Your Website Tech-Free by Prathamesh Sakhadeo

WordPress for Everyone: Develop Your Website Tech-Free

An action by action non-technical course to build your first WordPress based website in 30 days. Not just a website but we will be creating an e-commerce store too.

Features of the course

Get instant access to 40+ videos
More than 4 hours of content that will make you a WordPress developer

Setup E-Commerce Store and Blog
You will not only learn basics of WordPress but also how to setup e-commerce store and connect it with payment gateway

✔ Access to private members area
You will get access to private members area, where you can ask me and other fellow students questions.

Our Amazing Features

Access any time from anywhere to learn comfortably.

No paid plugins used, so the only investment you require is some time

Easy for non-programmers as well.

Setup e-commerce store and manage it yourself

Learn payment gateway integration and start collecting payments

3000+ students taught

Do you want to know what kind of a website you will make in this course?

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What students are saying?

Quality of your course is great ......from scratch to pro .....it's very good past 3 week I was recommended this course ...to my many friends if you want to learn website building go and start this course good 10/10 
Pankaj Waghela
Very good course. Got complete knowledge of WordPress. 
Explained in detailed in simple and easy language.  Must do course for SEO and digital marketing  people who want to learn WordPress... 
Amogh Kulkarni
Guys I didn’t know anything about WordPress. I joined Prathamesh’s course and it’s really awesome. He explained everything so narratively making it easy to understand. I am thankful to Prathamesh.
Sujit Biswas
I took Prathamesh’s WordPress for Everyone course and built my website planhay.com with the help of his course. I highly recommend his course, those who want to build a website using WordPress.
Shreyas Joshi
I highly recommend learning from him if you want to DIY your website (which I have done as well) or hiring him if you just want to delegate that task. Highly recommended.
Manasi Kakade

Hello, I'm Prathamesh

I run my own web development agency and I have developed more than 200+ websites till date.
Whatever knowledge I have gained over the years regarding WordPress; I have shared with students such as yourself.
On Udemy, I have taught more than 3000 students from all over the world.
My vision is to teach 100,000 people WordPress.

Taught more than 3000 students in over 120 countries!

What's included?

Video Icon 46 videos Text Icon 1 text file


Before you begin
What we are actually going to build?
4 mins
From where should I download the images
2 mins
Important point regarding Emails
Install WordPress
Install WordPress on Mac
9 mins
Install WordPress on Windows
4 mins
Install WordPress on cPanel
4 mins
Setup a few basic things
Walk through the Admin - Get familiar with your territory
12 mins
Basic setup
16 mins
Setup theme and add logo
10 mins
Setup the menu
11 mins
Setup the homepage
Change the layout of the homepage
4 mins
Understand plugins and install the page builder
3 mins
Add hero section to the homepage
16 mins
Understand margin and padding
9 mins
Add product information section on the homepage
16 mins
Add service support section on the homepage
6 mins
Add testimonials
7 mins
Setup CEO section
6 mins
Start building about us page
Start building About Us page
2 mins
Add hero section
4 mins
Add fixed CEO section
4 mins
Add team section
6 mins
Setup Call to Action
5 mins
Setup a plugin for pop-up
8 mins
Install 'Form' plugin
6 mins
Add form in the popup
4 mins
Configure popup so that it opens upon clicking a button
5 mins
Create contact us page
Create contact us page
11 mins
Change the fonts
5 mins
E-commerce I
Install the e-commerce plugin
5 mins
Add our first product
9 mins
Add a variable product
5 mins
Add a variable product with multiple attributes
7 mins
E-commerce II
Setup coupons
7 mins
Setup shipping rates
5 mins
Setup taxation
8 mins
Setup payment gateway - PayPal
6 mins
Misc Setting for WooCommerce
4 mins
Some miscellaneous stuff
Create a blog page and understand widgets
9 mins
Update links on homepage
4 mins
Website not yet responsive? Let's make it!
6 mins
Setup SMTP server for email delivery
6 mins
A different way to install a plugin and basic SEO
5 mins
Some more SEO stuff
4 mins
Other ways to install themes and plugins
5 mins
Updating themes and plugins
2 mins
Final frontier
Upload Website to web hosting
11 mins


Do I need any technical knowledge?

You only need to know how to use a computer and the internet. That's it! No HTML, CSS or JavaScript required. But if you are planning to take web development as a profession then I will highly suggest you learn them.

What doesn't course teach?

This course is not something like from beginner to ninja kind of a course. It is for people who want to start their own website like coaches, consultants, artists, bloggers and small business owners. Basically people who want to design their own website.

To be specific this course does not teach the following topics:
  • Plugin development
  • Custom theme development
  • PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Will you help me along the way, if I get stuck somewhere?

Yes! Of course! You can mail me your queries on me@ppsakhadeo.com

What will I achieve at the end of this course?

You will have your own website ready by the end of this course. Oh, and we will be setting up an e-commerce store as well on the same website. And we will set up PayPal as well.

Are we going to use any paid plugins or themes?

No, we are not going to use any plugin or a theme which are not available freely. Although some of them will have a paid as well as a free version.
But we will be using features that are available in free version. We won't be using any feature that is only available in paid version.