WordPress Web Development Business - Marathi by Prathamesh Sakhadeo

WordPress Web Development Business - Marathi

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Web Development Business Blueprint

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WordPress for Everyone: Develop Your Website Tech-Free

WordPress for Everyone is a course designed for entrepreneurs, bloggers, photographers and pretty much everyone who wants to create their own website for their business but without having to deal with the technology. Usually, when someone starts with their business or any other activity, the budget set is minimal. Hence when a website developer gives you the pricing for developing the website, many of you either start building it on your own or postpone the plan to develop the website. Those of you who start building on your own start facing problems very quickly (of course this doesn't apply to people who have an experience in web development). You start hearing words like Domain, Hosting, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP, MySQL and what not. I know I was quite overwhelmed when I started hearing these words initially. But you know what? We don't have to deal with these at all. All we need is a right direction and we will be straight to developing the website. And you will have your own website within 15 days!
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WordPress + Web Development Course in Marathi

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